Maiden Tree Planting Event in Collaboration With the Evergreencoin Community in Ghana


The Initiative for Green and Digital Economy is a non-profit global organization, dedicated to promoting and building a green environment and digital literacy across the globe. IGDE-GLOBAL seeks to blend the existing synergies that exist between the green and digital arena, in order to build a healthy earth. We see the need to encourage green and digital initiatives as the world seeks to become digitized, which has myriads of environmental consequences.  Environmental sustainability has recently became a global war that every nation is fighting, hence the need to approach it as such. We also seek to promote literacy on the Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency revolution. Our target also span at capitalizing on the Blockchain technology by educating the masses about it, and using the blockchain to help grow green and digital entrepreneurship especially in developing countries. 

Following our Collaboration with the EverGrenCoin community, a Cryptocurrency dedicated to the support of environmental friendly activities across the globe. The EverGreenCoin sees a world where the green and natural environment is a unique resource. Hence it has dedicated a percentage of their staking rewards to the support of green related activities. Every Evergreencoin holder can stake his coins with a full client (wallet) to one of the listed charities which IGDEglobal is now one of them.


Global team
Staging steps towards achieving the basic fundamentals underpinning our existence as a green organization, saw IGDE-Global engaging in a maiden tree planting event in collaboration with the EverGreenCoin on 31st August, 2018 in Ghana. This project launch saw IGDE-Global planting over 50 mango trees in the Taha/Gbalahi community in the northern region of Ghana. As a center committed to building a green world, the tree planting alone didn’t mark the end of our activities for the day, as the saying goes that “give a man a fish, and you have just fed him for a day, but teach him how to fish himself, and you have fed him for life”, hence, the indigenes were educated on the essence of environmental sustainability, and the adverse effects that deforestation and bush burning have on their present and future lives. In light of this, we saw it necessary to subsequently look for alternative job schemes to women and the youth whose economic activities cause a serious and devastative effects to the natural environment. Hence, records were taken and they were educated on how to mitigate the negative effects of their operations on the natural environment in the interim, until we are of capacity to channel their livelihood engagements into more environmental friendly activities.


As part of making sure we don’t plant trees that will have no future value to the community and the world at large, influence our decision to engage in mango plantation. The question that may be asked is “what are the plans to ensure the planted mango trees survive and sustain?” This trees are very adaptive to harsh weather conditions. We are going to implement “the community own and control approach”, where we will make them to understand those trees belongs to their future benefits and their survival and sustainability resides largely under their control. By so doing, we are going to allocate two trees each to some selected children in the community to ensure they take care of those trees, and an award scheme will be instituted on timely bases to ensure those who have made sure the trees allocated to them thrived are awarded. With this approach, they will pose commit complete interest towards protecting the trees till maturity. With this community base approach, we are absolutely sure our efforts will make an impact on the community and the world at large.


Ghana and Africa at large got the ground resources (arable land and labour), and we see that in our mission to help the people in those local regions to use it in the right/green way and give them the tools they need to bring that to success. We therefore look forward to engaging the services of agricultural experts to offer useful agricultural education to the massing unemployed youth in these areas of the world, to equip them with right agricultural entrepreneurial opportunities for better livelihoods.


We have started and don’t intend to halt until we are rest assured the earth is now free from adverse environmental effects, and the question is when? Therefore our course to fight for mother earth has become a life time adventure.

We therefore seek to widen our tree planting and education activities (both green and digital literacy programmes) to cover wider scope in developing countries and the world at large. With respect to the tree planting, we are targeting to plant over 5,000 mango trees and over 2000 Shea-nut trees within the next three years in developing countries and the world at large. We seek to collaborate with the appropriate industries to chat ways towards establishing factories that will feed into the mango and shea-nut trees as raw materials in the future. Also, we seek to educate the youth more on blockchain, Cryptocurrency and general ICT knowledge to offer them the needed empowerment to be able to find befitting entrepreneurial opportunities. This target obviously cannot be met without the support of the appropriate organizations. We therefore plead to all corporate organizations, agencies and Cryptocurrency communities that share dreams with us, to support our course towards achieving the set targets.

The thrill behind the Tree keepers and future tree planting

As part of the carefully crafted sustainability mechanisms towards inflating an everlasting transpiration activities in the trees we have planted and those yet to be planted, has landed us from coming out with the tree keepers initiative. As obvious as it is, going to plant a tree at a location and walking away without any post-planting care mechanisms initiated, is tantamount to not doing anything, as the trees planted has no guarantee of surviving. With respect to not falling as a pray to the earlier raised issue, IGDE-Global is going to institute the tree keepers initiative to serve as care takers for the trees we have planted and also take part in our future tree planting planning activities.
We are therefore organizing an open contest, so that interested people can submit a request for a “tree-keeper” job during the next 1-2 months. Out of the total number of applicants we will educate at leat 10 out of them.
These 10 people selected, upon reasonable doubt, proofed to be result yielding and committed to the tree-keeper job, will get a Smartphone each after contributing 1 month. Also, one of them can win a bicycle after 12 months of the tree-keeper project.
As this people cannot employed a full scale effort without been compensated, has made us to implement a reward system that will see to it that, our tree keepers are awarded on monthly bases with EGC coins base on their efforts in keeping the trees alive. By so doing, this necessitated the need for the smartphones to be provided, in order to enable them have a safe bank to keep their EGC coins.

The organization, is putting in full scale plan towards achieving the goal of planting about roughly 3000 trees. The cost for acquiring a plant and the actual planting is $1.50 per tree (including cost of plants, and the labour services we will engage). This gives us a total goal of $4500, considering the total number of 3000 * 1.5 = 4500.  Donors will have the choice between a Mango Tree or a Shea Nut tree to be planted. The Campaign will start during the next 2 month in collaboration with the tree keeper education.

About three communities have so far declare their readiness to offer us the available land to undertake the tree planting project. Hence, the most important aspect is that, the vast land for the tree planting project is available. We therefore call upon everyone to join this project by actively donating a few dollars to ensure we realize the amount we need to finish the implementation of the project. 


We see the need to reduce the risk of losing trees to the rigors of dry weather, so we decided to first grow the seeds in a “seed hopper” and then plant them in nature afterwards. Thinking about how we can keep the environment clean by “upcycling” used plastic bottles and give them a second Lifecycle as a “Seed hopper” to grow the trees for the first stage until they are strong enough to survive in the wild nature.