EverGreenCoin EGC

EverGreenCoin is a currency designed from the ground-up not only to be an environmentally friendly currency but, an environmental movement and paradigm shift. With both the electrically and computationally efficient and secure algorithm of X15 Proof of Work and the generously rewarding 7% Proof of Stake the foundation has been set. On top of that foundation, we leverage renewable energy in ways our planet has never seen. EverGreenCoin is turning the mining and cryptocurrency industry on its head. From an industry that wastes electricity in the grandest scale, and in-turn our planet’s finite precious resources lost forever to produce that electricity, to a profitable and prosperous endeavor for both our planet and its people. Back-feeding the grid it had once robbed. Then those profits are invested into the environment through environmental restoration projects such as forestry and wildlife rehabilitation. EverGreenCoin will make both our planet’s environment and economy better than it was found.

  • Algorithm: X15 PoW + PoS hybrid
  • PoW length: 525,960 blocks ( ~6 months), which has now passed.
  • PoW generated supply: 13 million EverGreenCoin
  • 1 EGC (2%) to the EGC Foundation. 49 EGC (98%) to the EGC miner(s)
  • PoW block halving: none
  • Block target: 180 seconds
  • Coin maturity: 60 blocks (~1 1/2 hour)
  • Transaction full confirmation: 7 blocks (~21 minutes)
  • PoS reward: 7% annual
  • Minimum coin age for staking: 24 hours after maturity / full confirmation
  • Maximum coin age for staking: none
  • P2P port: 5757 (testnet 15757)
  • RPC port: 5758 (testnet 15758)


The EverGreenCoin Foundation, Inc. is the base of all EverGreenCoin initiatives and funding now and in the future. The EverGreenCoin Foundation only acts in the best interest of the EverGreenCoin community and is completely transparent in doing so. The EverGreenCoin Foundation, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the United States. It consist of board directors and members that vote on decisions to move EverGreenCoin forward with respects to holders, partnering entities, and our ambitions. more info…

The EGC Renewables branch looks into the use of renewable energy for common households, starting with the development of a solar staker, that only needs sunlight and an Internet connection to stake EGC. You are welcome to join the EGC Renewables group and join discussions. Browse or skip ahead to research and discover renewable energy & resources.

Solar Staker
EverGreenCoin and I.E.O. Partnership
Education & Resources


EverGreenCoin Gardens supports gardening, farming, and all agricultural initiatives by EverGreenCoin and the EverGreenCoin community. Recently venturing into urban farming, we aim to help cultivate the self sustaining initiatives of others.

Economies, Groceries & Communities

The EGC Water branch specializes in purified water and water conservation and the protection of our most valuable resource. You are welcome to join the EGC Water group and join discussions.

Water Crisis
Conservation & Preservation
Purification & Collection
Health & Science


Formerly the EverGreenCoin Cannabis branch. We are expanding the branch by community demand. We want to include a broader focus that includes homeopathic, nutritional, and other self well-being areas. The EverGreenCoin Foundation wants to stay coordinated with the EverGreenCoin community’s direction. Please check back soon!

Donations and Staking for Charity

Urban Gardens Donation EverGreenCoin address Eeg97i8RkPVLxcumJqWLWdA9vw1PPpVzN8

I.E.O. Direct Donation EverGreenCoin address EKsvjis689QM2QGxNvkrmFEqLiFmmKAXGk

EGC Solar Staker Donation EverGreenCoin address EamRBfnttBGkY1WKY3k5tUi4VVinr6Dpmo

EGC & IEO Bee Hive Cooperation EverGreenCoin address EP1EiWwJYrdGCmdCovnLPWXz753WRptyZs

Harton Farms Urban Garden Direct Contribution EverGreenCoin address EK8hHyGU47j1NzyK8Nyo92yjXXBKEP9ZSU

Trees For Cities Donation Fund EverGreenCoin address EZ6w2gtdskCmBuNpMcpdLXgpcxh7fMb2wr

Kakuma Internet Connectivity EverGreenCoin address ETB99yhNzxBL8N6a1GuCjdgsE1RZsqSi2w

Waterway Cleanup and Recycling Crowdfund EverGreenCoin address EfgaisXXY2Vd9P8mmTHV2dvkrJRBKpzsff

Tree Plant NW PA – Tree for every dollar equivalent EverGreenCoin address EXWYzFAYxHD8RPXQVYiS4Za9EJSYVmUPRq

Linesville Litter Critter Cleanup Direct Contribution EverGreenCoin address EgBmW7jbgLdVp2yQsVXuafscnEZ9Quz3AB

IGDE Global EverGreenCoin address  EVcPw1ThbgJfc7M9A4DCJ5dAtagRP77WLe

IGDE EGC in Ghana

IGDE EGC Event in Ghana, Tamale on 31/08/2018