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Support And Educate About The Benefits Of A Green And Digital Entrepreneurship


Partnering to build a green world 

– IGDE-Global is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting green and digital growth in Africa and the world at large. – We focus on a growth paradigm characterized by a balance of environmental sustainability and technological evolution through Blockchain technology. – The organization is dedicated to support poverty reduction, job creation, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability  as well as a digital growth in harmony with nature. – IGDE-Global provides research and stakeholder engagement plans concerning green entrepreneurship and digital growth, especially in developing countries.

Support communities and individuals in terms of technological benefits in harmony with nature by highlighting the possibilities of environmental sustainability. Teach the blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution and give them the necessary financial  and individual freedom. This happens through what we call “information and knowledge transfer”.

“Give a man a fish and feed him for one day. Teaching a man to fish and you feed him for his life.”
Confucius, * 551 BC Chr. † 479 v. Chr. Chinese Philosopher



— We Find & Fund

IGDE-Global conduct Research activities around the green and digital around. We do comprehensive findings into prevailing problems in societies. Finding wouldn’t be enough if we had fail to leave the discovered problems unaddressed, hence, we go ahead to commit resources in order to battle with what we have found. You can also stretches your hand in support to fund.

— We Build Networks

Fighting against the world’s problem is a collective responsibility. So, we make a global related search, to ensure the right people/organizations are brought on board for global response to be provided.

— We Strengthen

We bring like-minded people together, in order to realize the maximum synergy in our green and digital world.

— We Educate

Knowledge transfer to empower, is what we are best known for; We educate the people on the rationale to keep the environment intact, and how they can laverage on the digital revolution to enhanced their living standard.

— We Provide Care

“Sharing is caring” we develop maximum level of care to the various stakeholders within our scope.

— We Consult

Experts knowledge are fully capitalized on, when the need arise. We consult to search, find, educate and solve.


Maiden Tree Planting Event in Collaboration with Evergreencoin

Staging steps towards achieving the basic fundamentals underpinning our existence as a green organization, saw IGDE-Global engaging in a maiden tree planting event in collaboration with the EverGreenCoin on 31st August, 2018 in Ghana.

Coming soon


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